My Vocabulary Did This For Me

is blob love something that never goes away?



Are your companion’s legs good

or legs generique?

Are your friends?

I thought I was the only person

At the barbeque-reading

With socks on

But Jonny had socks on.

PS, did anyone say I knew where “it” is at?


I know I’m at boyscout camp in 2001

Because I smell people standing near fire

For no reason and my body itches.

I’ve shoved a beef heart in my ass-pocket

To save for later, which I remember

While I’m pissing by a frosted window

Thinking about Simone Weil as seen

In the form of a chapbook

In a guy’s house

With pin-stripe shorts.

A beef-heart bleeds

down my leg and I eat it,

I become a beef-human,

with heart in my teeth,

and the skewer is wood

and leaves blood in my pockets.

I drink a blood with my beer

and my legs fall asleep.

It was all top-notch, my friend.

Thanks for the reading,

I had a really nice time.


Carlos Soto Roman

Brought all the beef hearts.

I ate them to become strong.

What I thought was a Viking myth

Became Viking reality,

My one heart blooming into two,

My two stomachs, my blessed cud apparatus.

In my dream I held hostages,

With my legs asleep,

And I held them from the police.

And I forgave them.

And I relinquished my hostages

And was forgiven by police.

And I went into the police’s arms

And they said I was forgiven.

Their arms were fat and strong,

And warm, and I smelled police

Strength and my hostages were forgiven.

Everyone later sat down at their desks

With their good pens and their good paper

And addressed missives to each other,

That all said “thanks, for not shooting me,

For everything basically,

I’ve ordered Chinese,

to repay the debt owed,

I’ve resumed prayer,

I’ve taken up residence

in the cathedral of the beef heart,

with a wood skewer through my mouth,

rich blood in my pocket,

my long mammal ass, 

with a pocket, with barely

listening, and anyway,

I forgot about the military,

I forgot about force,

I saw figures hastily

from a near window,

with noises, and anyway,

thanks for the meat.”

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